Monday, May 25, 2009

Where to Eat

Brookline is divided into a number of neighborhoods. If you walk from the Marriott Hotel to Beacon Street (the major thoroughfare just around the corner from the hotel) and stand with your back to the hotel, it will be easy to orient yourself to these neighborhoods. Both the area around the hotel and the territory to the right is known as Coolidge Corner. The main shopping and eating in Coolidge Corner can be found to your right on Beacon Street and along Harvard Street, one block down from the hotel. When you reach the intersection of Beacon and Harvard, turn left on Harvard St. If, instead, you take a right on Beacon St., but then take a right on Harvard Street, and then walk for 10 or 15 minutes, you will enter Brookline Village. If, on the other hand, you take a left on Beacon Street and walk for 15 or 20 minutes, you will hit Washington Square. You can also take the T to Washington Square (be sure to take the outbound train, and ask the conductor to tell you when to get off). You can download a copy of this list, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Coolidge Corner
Zaftigs Delicatessen (for the mother of all breakfasts!), 335 Harvard St., Brookline
• Peet’s Coffee and Tea, 285 Harvard St, Brookline
Starbucks, 1655 Beacon St., Brookline
Washington Square
• Athans Cafe, 1621 Beacon St., Brookline
• Cafe Fixe, 1642 Beacon St., Brookline

Cheap & Cheerful [some entrees under $10; not all with table service]
Coolidge Corner
Anna's Taqueria (Mexican), 1412 Beacon St, Brookline
Dok Bua (Thai), 411 Harvard St, Brookline
Rod Dee Thai Cuisine (Thai), 1430 Beacon St, Brookline
Zenna Noodle Bar (Vietnamese), 1374 Beacon St, Brookline
Super Fusion Cuisine (Japanese/Korean), 690A Washington St., Brookline
• Boca Grande (Mexican), 1294 Beacon St., Brookline
• Rami (Middle Eastern/Kosher), 324 Harvard St., Brookline
• Upper Crust Pizza (Pizza), 286 Harvard St., Brookline
Brookline Village
T-Rex Taqueria (Mexican), 6 Cypress St., Brookline Village
• Family Restaurant (Turkish), 305 Washington St., nr. Brookline Village (huge, delicious portions)

Moderately Priced
Coolidge Corner
• Rani (Indian), 1353 Beacon St, nr Coolidge Corner, Brookline
Zaftigs Delicatessen (great deli food), 335 Harvard St., Brookline
Brookline Village
Matt Murphy's (pub with excellent food), 14 Harvard St., Brookline Village, (617) 232-0188
• Tashi Delek (Tibetan), 236 Washington St., Brookline Village
• Orinoco (Venezuelan), 22 Harvard St., nr. Brookline Village
• Pho Lemon Grass (Vietnamese), 239 Harvard St., towards Brookline Village
Washington Square:

Moderately Expensive
Coolidge Corner
The Publick House (unbelievable selection of beer as well as food),1648 Beacon St., Brookline, (617) 277-2880
Brookline Village
Pomodoro (Italian), 24 Harvard St, 617-566-4455 (reservations strongly recommended)
Washington Square
The Fireplace (Italian), 1634 Beacon St, Brookline, (617) 975-1900 (reservations strongly recommended)
The Washington Square Tavern (New American), 714 Washington St, Brookline, (617) 232-8989 (no reservations taken)
• Tamarind Bay (Indian, vegetarian friendly), 1665 Beacon St.

A short T-ride towards Boston
Taberna de Haro (Tapas), 999 Beacon St, Brookline, (617) 277-8272 (no reservations taken, but you can call ahead and put your name on the list for a shorter wait)
Elephant Walk (Cambodian), 900 Beacon Street, (617) 247-1500 (reservations strongly recommended)
• Jae's (Asian fusion), 1223 Beacon St., Brookline
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