Monday, May 25, 2009

Book News

Catholic University of America Afternoon Tea:
We are pleased to acknowledge that one of the presses displaying books at our conference, Catholic University of America Press, will be honoring a number of our members with recently published books–John Cotts, Jeff Rider, Alan Murray and Ruth Harwood Cline–by sponsoring our Saturday afternoon tea.

Recent Books:
We are happy to announce that the following books, written by our members and conference attendees, have recently appeared or are now in press:

• William M. Aird, Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy (c. 1050-1134) (Boydell: 2008)

• Emilie Amt and S.D. Church, eds., Dialogus de Scaccario, and the Constitutio Domus Regis (Oxford Univeristy Press: 2007)

• Mary Berg and Howard Jones, Norman Churches in the Canterbury Diocese (The History Press: 2009)

• Thomas N. Bisson, The Crisis of the Twelfth Century: Power, Lordship, and the Origins of European Government (Princeton: 2009)

• Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner, Chr├ętien Continued: A Study of the Conte du Graal and its Verse Continuation (Oxford University Press: 2009)

• Martin Carver, Portmahomack: Monastery of the Picts (Edinburgh University Press: 2008)

• Martin Carver, Catherine Hills, Jonathan Scheschkewitz, Wasperton: A Roman, British and Anglo-Saxon Community in Central England (Boydell: 2009)

• Elizabeth Coatsworth and Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Medieval Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1100: an Annotated Bibliography, BAR, Brit. Ser., 445 (Archaeopress: 2007)

• John Cotts, The Clerical Dilemma: Peter of Blois and Literate Culture in the Twelfth Century (Catholic University of America: 2009)

• Carol Davidson Cragoe, How to Read Buildings: A Crash Course in Architecture (Rizzoli, 2008)

• Rees Davies, Lords and Lordship in the British Isles in the Late Middle Ages, ed. Brendan Smith (Oxford: 2009)

• Wendy Davies, Acts of Giving: Individual, Community, and Church in Tenth-Century Christian Spain (Oxford University Press: 2007)

• Kirsten A. Fenton, Gender, Nation and Conquest in the Works of William of Malmesbury (Boydell and Brewer, 2008)

• Robin Fleming, Living and Dying in Early Medieval Britain (Penguin: in press)

• Paul Freedman, Out of the East: Spices and the Medieval Imagination (Yale University Press: 2009)

• Mary Frances Giandrea, Episcopal Culture in Late Anglo-Saxon England (Boydell: 2007)

• John Gillingham, The English in the Twelfth Century: Imperialism, National Identity and Political Values (Boydell, 2008)

• Judith Green, Henry I: King of England and Duke of Normandy (Cambridge University Press, 2009)

• Ruth Harwood-Cline, trans., The Life of Blessed Bernard of Tiron (Catholic University of America: 2009)

• Samantha Kahn Herrick, Imagining the Sacred Past: Hagiography and Power in Early Normandy (Harvard University Press, 2007)

Cynthia Neville, Land, Law and People in Medieval Scotland (Edinburgh University Press: in press)

• Bruce O'Brien, Conquering Babel: Translation in England from Alfred to the Thirteenth Century (University of Delaware: in press)

• Gale R. Owen-Crocker, The Four Funerals in Beowulf (Manchester University Press: 2009)

• Gale R. Owen-Crocker and Robin Netherton, eds., Medieval Clothing and Textiles, 5 (Boydell: 2009)

• Gale R. Owen-Crocker, ed., Working with Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts (Exeter University Press: 2009)

• Alan V. Murray, The Clash of Cultures on the Medieval Baltic Frontier (Ashgate: 2009)

• Jeff Rider and Alan V. Murray, eds., Galbert of Bruges and the Historiography of Medieval Flanders (Catholic University of America: 2009)

• Christine Senecal, Catherine Clay and Chandrika Paul, Envisioning Women in World History, vol 1: from Prehistory to 1500 (McGraw-Hill: 2008)

• Brendan Smith, ed., Ireland and the English World in the Late Middle Ages (Palgrave: 2009)

• Pauline Stafford, ed., A Companion to the Early Middle Ages: Britain and Ireland c. 500-1100 (Wiley: 2009)

• Ian Short, trans., Geffrei Gaimar, Estoire des Engleis: History of the English (Oxford: 2009)

• Ralph V. Turner, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France, Queen of England (Yale: 2009)

• Elisabeth Van Houts and Patricia Skinner, eds. and trans., Medieval Writings about Women in Secular Life (Penguin: in press)

• Sally N. Vaughn and Jay Rubenstein, eds., Teaching and Learning in Northern Europe, 1000-1200 (Brepols: 2007)

• Alex Woolf, From Pictland to Alba: Scotland, 789-1070 (Edinburgh University Press: 2007)

• Suzanne M. Yeager, Jerusalem in Medieval Narrative (Cambridge University Press: 2008)