Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 Conference Schedule & Suggestions for Panelists

Conference Schedule:

(You can download conference schedule, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.)

Friday, November 5
9:00 am–11:15 Council Meeting

12:30–1:30 President’s Welcome & The C. Warren Hollister Memorial Lecture
Presiding: Bruce O’Brien, University of Mary Washington 

Francia and the History of Early Medieval Europe
Paul Fouracre, University of Manchester

1:450–3:15 SESSION I: The End of Roman Britain
Chair: Mary Frances Giandrea, American University

A.D. 410 and the Invisible Britons
Christopher A. Snyder, Marymount University

Recycling Rome After the Fall
Robin Fleming, Boston College

The End of Roman Britain: Roman Retrospectives
Michael Jones, Bates College

3:15–3:30 Tea break

3:30–5:00 SESSION II: Holy Violence: Theory, Practice and Representation
Chair: Emily Albu, University of California-Davis 

Crusading as an Act of Vengeance and the Study of the Ideas of Crusading
Susanna A. Throop, Ursinus College

Belligerent Bishops and Armed Abbots: The Portrayal of Clerical Warriors and Defenders
Craig M. Nakashian, Texas A&M-Texarkana

Representations of Warfare in the Morgan Picture Bible
Richard Abels, The United States Naval Academy

5:15-6:15 SESSION III: Learning and its Reception in the Twelfth-Century "Renaissance"
Chair:W. Scott Jesse, Appalachian State University

The Reception of the New Natural Philosophy in Twelfth-Century England: the Case of Merlin
Anne Lawrence-Mathers, University of Reading

Did Portugal Have a Twelfth-Century Renaissance?
André Vitória,Universidade do Porto

6:30 Drinks reception at the McMullen Museum of Art

Saturday, November 6

8:30-10:00 SESSION IV: Ideas of the Holy Man: Bishops and Abbots in France and England
Chair: Jennifer A. Paxton, The Catholic University of America

Monk-Bishops in the Third Generation of the English Monastic Reform
Tracey-Anne Cooper, St. John's University

Gerald of Wales and the Episcopal Ideal
Matthew M. Mesley, University of Exeter

De abbatibus [of Mont-Saint-Michel] rubrica abreviata: Towards a New Edition
Thomas N. Bisson, Harvard University

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:00 SESSION V: Historiography in the Salian Age
Chair: William L. North, Carleton College

Cosmas on the See of Prague
Lisa Wolverton, University of Oregon

Frutolf of Michelsberg's Chronicle, the Schools of Bamberg and the Preservation of Imperial Polemic
T.J.H. McCarthy, New College Florida

Confronting the Past in Eleventh-Century Germany
David Warner, Rhode Island School of Design

12:00-1:00 Lunch, Department of History

1:00-2:00 Featured Speaker 2
Presiding: Paul Hyams, Cornell University

Objects as Subjects in Medieval Art
Herbert Kessler, John Hopkins University

2:30-4:00 SESSION VII: Hostages and Captive-Taking in the High Middle Ages
Chair: Tracey Billado, Seton Hall University

That's No Way to Treat A Lady! Hostage or Captive: What's the Difference?
Annette Parks, University of Evansville

Heroes, Hostages and Hagiography: The Function of Hostages in Medieval Irish Literature
Lahney Preston-Matto, Adelphi University

The Two Matildas: Treatment of Captives and Ideals of Queenship
Colleen Slater, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

4:00–4:30 Tea Break

4:30–-6:00 SESSION VII: Identity in Narratives of Conquest and Expansion
Chair: Belle Tuten, Juniata College

The Rise of Wessex Seen through Northumbrian Eyes
Karen L. Jolly, University of Hawai`i–Manoa

Politics and Portrayals: Ireland and the Normans in the Era of the Norman Conquest of England
Patrick Wadden, Exeter College, Oxford

The Castle in Conquest Narratives
Kim Kilmartin, Hertford College, Oxford

7:30 Annual food, drinks & shop-talk party at Valerie Ramseyer's house, co-sponsored by Boston College and Wellesley College (a walk or short-T-ride from the Marriott Hotel)

Sunday, November 8

8:30-10:00 SESSION VIII: Lordship, History, and the Dominae of Northern France
Chair: Laura Gathagan, SUNY-Courtland

Weathering Thirteenth-Century Warfare: The Case of Blanche of Navarre
Katrin Sjusen, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Noblewomen and the Writing of History in Picardy and Flanders
Kathy Krause, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Rebellion and the Countess
Heather J. Tanner, Ohio State University

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break

10:15-11:30 SESSION IX: Texts, Rituals, and the Social Order
Chair: John Cotts, Whitman College

Badly Ordered: Walahfrid Strabo's Vision of the Carolingian World in the Libellus de exordiis et incrementis quarandam in observationibus ecclesiasticis rerum
Mary Zito, The Catholic University of America

Relics or Gospels? The Evolution and Meaning of Swearing an Oath
Jonathan Elukin, Trinity College

11:30-12:00 Break

12:00-1:00 Featured Speaker 3
Presiding: Richard E. Barton, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Norman Historians and William the Conqueror (1830–1945)
Veronique Gazeau, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie

1:00-2:00 Lunch, Department of History

A gentle reminder for those giving papers:
The point of giving a talk is as much about the questions and the conversation that arise during the Q&A period, as it is about the paper itself. Because of this, you are asked to stick closely to your allotted paper-giving time of 20 minutes. A 20-minute paper is generally a 10-page, 12-point-font typescript. Please be courteous to your fellow panelists and come prepared to give a paper of this length. Panel Chairs will be instructed (with, of course, a couple of minutes grace) to keep their panelists to time. We would all like to hear your conclusions, but will be robbed of the pleasure, if you have been dragged off the podium by your Chair.

For those needing AV equipment other than a microphone:
Please send your request, before November 1, to If you will be using PowerPoint, make sure, when you download your presentation onto a flash drive, to save it in the PowerPoint 97-2004 version, rather than as a .pptx.

You will need to bring copies of your handout with you to the conference. Eighty copies should suffice.

Download a copy of the conference schedule here.