Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Get to your Hotel from the Airport or the Amtrak Station

How to get to the Holiday Inn

From Logan International Airport:
You can take a taxi. The price will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $40, and if you come during rush hour, your trip will not be any faster than it would have been had you taken the T, Boston’s underground and streetcar system, which costs $1.70.

T instructions for the Holiday Inn Brookline/Boston:
1. Take the Silver Line to South Station.
2. At South Station take the Red Line (towards Alewife) two stops to Park Street.
3. At Park Street, take the C train of the Green Line (towards Cleveland Circle). [Sit back and relax, until your train goes above ground.] At this point, you should ask the conductor to tell you when you have arrived at the Saint Paul stop, which you will now be near.
5. When you get off the train, orient yourself. With your back to downtown Boston (the way you have just come) cross to the right-hand side of the street. Walk 70 feet, and you will be at the entrance of the Holiday Inn.