Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting to and around Boston

Getting to and around Boston:
Boston Logan International Airport
Logan is not only the closest airport, but it is conveniently linked, by public transportation, to the conference hotels (see below).

Amtrak South Station
If you are coming from Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Amtrak to South Station may be the best way to come to Boston. Again, South Station is linked, by public transportation, to the conference hotels (see below).

Driving in Boston
Tighten your seat-belts, put on your crash-helmets and pray. If you like slow-motion mayhem, an illogical road system, no street signs, lots of honking and shouting, and think of a red light as a suggestion, you will love driving in Boston. If you learned to drive in California, you will have a weekend-long nervous breakdown.

A T "Charlie Card"
Charlie Cards are T-passes. Fares on the T are $1.70 for a single journey, including all the way from the airport or the Amtrak station to you hotel. There are Charlie-Card machines in all the underground T-stations. Since these cards can only be purchased at underground T-stations (and cannot be purchased at above-ground stops), we suggest that you buy one when you arrive at your first underground station (since the conference hotel, Brookline and Boston College are all served by above-ground trains), and put at least enough money on your card to get you from the airport and back again. But if you plan to use the T at all during your stay, to go to restaurants or (if you are staying at the Best Western) to get to BC each day, you should purchase a Charlie Card with $5- or $10-worth of rides. You can also pay the T conductor for a single ticket, but you must have exact change.