Thursday, June 6, 2013

Invitation to the Annual Saturday Night Haskins Society Food, Drink & Shop-Talk Party

All attendees of the 2013 Haskins Society Conference are cordially invited to our annual Saturday-night, come-early-and-stay-late, food-and-drinks fest. This is one of the conference's most cherished traditions (first hosted by Sally Vaughn in Houston, then by Bruce O’Brien in Georgetown, and once by Valerie Ramseyer). Everyone, especially first-time conference goers and graduate students, are not only welcomed but urged/cajoled/begged to come.

This year, it will be held at Robin Fleming's house in Cambridge and is hosted by Boston College.  A bus will take people from the Holiday Inn to the party, and we will organize group taxis to take you back to the hotel when you are ready to leave or the food/drinks run out. We will provide maps and instructions at the conference for those who plan to drive.

Come hungry & thirsty, but leave your neckties and uncomfortable conference shoes at the hotel.