Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Register for the 2013 Conference

You can now register and pay for the Haskins Society Conference on-line.

We hope that many of you will take advantage of this payment system.  The only people who cannot use the on-line system are graduate students or B.C. faculty who are not planning to buy any meals.  Since neither of these groups will owe any money, the on-line system will not be able to handle their applications.  Nonetheless, graduate students and B.C. faculty need to pre-register.  So, instead of signing up on line, we would like you to fill out a hard copy of the registration form (which you can download), and mail it to us. 

After using the automatic payment system, please be sure to print off a copy of the receipt for your records, since it will serve as your official proof of payment.

The web payment and check-out system can be found at the bottom of this page.  Simply scroll down, and you will find the checkout system below this text box.  Please chose the appropriate registration fee and meals, and add them to your shopping cart.  Be sure to select any of the evening activities you plan to attend (there is no charge for these activities, but we would like to know for planning purposes).

If you prefer to use snail-mail and send a check, please go to the bottom of this entry and download the registration form.  Fill out the form, make your check out to "The Haskins Society at Boston College" for the appropriate amount, and mail the form and check to:

The Charles Homer Haskins Society
c/o Professor Robin Fleming
Stokes Hall
Department of History
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA

Download a registration form here.