Thursday, June 6, 2013

Denis Bethell Prize Competition 2013

The Bethell Prize honors the memory of Denis Bethell, late of University College, Dublin, whose tragically early death deprived us of a good friend and a fine scholar. The purpose of the prize is to encourage the presentation of high quality papers at conferences sponsored by the Haskins Society and in Haskins sponsored sessions at other conferences, and the submission of such papers to the Haskins Society Journal.

The prize is US $400 (or the sterling equivalent) and publication of a revised version of the winning paper in the Haskins Society Journal for the year when the paper was presented. (Following standard academic practice, the journal editor may request that the author make further revisions prior to publication.)

Eligibility: All conference papers presented by junior 
scholars (graduate students or non-tenured faculty) 
who are Haskins Society members at any session 
sponsored by the Society during the 12 months of the membership calendar year are eligible.  Besides the 
Haskins Society Conference itself, Haskins-sponsored sessions at the American Historical Association 
conference, the annual conference of the Medieval 
Academy of America, the annual International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, and the annual International Medieval Conference at Leeds are also eligible venues.  
The author of the paper must present the paper in 
person at the relevant conference and must be a 
member of the Haskins Society.  (Prospective 
presenters may contact the Society's treasurer, Mary Frances Giandrea about membership at  
-->:  note that the Society has a special 
student rate.)

You can download a membership form here.  

The judge for all papers submitted during a 12-month 
cycle will be a scholar appointed by the Haskins Society Council.  

Submission:  Entrants for the prize have until the end of the calendar year in which their paper was presented at a conference to revise it into article format, and then send it to the Bethell Prize Coordinator. The author of the article must send one electronic copy of the article to the Coordinator as email attachment or on diskette, along with postal and e-mail addresses valid for the following year. At the end of the calendar year the Prize Coordinator will send the submitted papers to the Judge.

Judging criteria. The Bethell Prize Judge will evaluate the submitted papers according to their contribution to medieval scholarship and worthiness for publication. The Judge may offer suggestions for revision to authors and may pass such suggestions to the editor of the Haskins Society Journal.

Award. The winner of the Bethell Prize will be announced in the Haskins Society newsletter and on the Society’s website.  If the winner is able to attend the next Fall's annual Haskins Society Conference, he/she will be congratulated then. The financial award and further details will be mailed to the winner.

Other papers entered for the prize besides the winner may be submitted to the editor of the Haskins Society Journal for consideration in the usual way.

Bethell Prize Coordinator:
Professor Emily Albu
Classics Program, University of California
One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA  95616  USA