Saturday, July 20, 2013

About the Society

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The Charles Homer Haskins Society’s name commemorates and honors one of the United States’ most eminent medieval historians, Charles Homer Haskins (1870–1937).  A major influence in American graduate education, he taught many fine students, some of whom taught senior members of this  society.  His work on the Normans, the twelfth-century renaissance, medieval science, and the rise of the university was seminal, and he effectively pioneered the study of medieval culture as an autonomous field. The Haskins Society is dedicated to the promotion of his many and varied interests, including, but not limited to Anglo-Saxon, viking, Anglo-Norman and early Angevin history, and the history of neighboring areas and peoples.

Although primarily a society of historians, the Haskins Society welcomes historically minded archaeologists, art historians and literature specialists, and encourages them to submit papers to our conference and journal, The Haskins Society Journal.  

The Society holds its annual conferences in November at Boston College; additionally, it organizes and sponsors scholarly sessions at the International Congress of Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan in early May of each year and at the Leeds International Medieval Congress each summer.

s an Affiliated Society of the American Historical Association, the Haskins Society organizes joint Haskins-AHA sessions at AHA annual meetings. The Haskins Society also cooperates closely with the Battle Conferences on Anglo-Norman Studies. The Society numbers more than 200 scholars, drawn from the United States and Canada, many from Britain, and others from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere.

Our journal is issued annually.

Officers of the Haskins Society
   Chris Lewis, President
   Graham Loud, Vice President for Britain & Europe
   Robert Berkhofer, Vice President for North America
   Sally Shockro, Conference Director
 Robin Fleming, Associate Conference Director
   W. Scott Jessee, Executive Secretary
   Mary Frances Giandrea, Treasurer
   Claire Dutton, Associate Treasurer (UK & Europe)
   Kenji Yoshitake, Associate Treasurer (Japan)
   William L. North, Editor of the Haskins Society Journal
   Steven Isaac, Webmaster

Councilors of the Haskins Society
  Bruce O’Brien (Immediate Past President)
  Emily Albu
Richard Barton
Brendan Smith
Hirokazu Tsurushima
Laura Gathagan
Nicholas Paul